Gardening Courses

About Us

People ask what’s so good about Peter, Gill and Kirklands that we should attend a course here rather than with a TV personality, a famous author or at a recognised college.  We know you have options if you want to learn about gardening.

We feel we have created a unique environment at Kirklands, having lovingly built the garden from scratch over the last 30 years.  For most of our time here we wouldn’t have had time to run courses, we were too busy creating the garden.  The potential for the garden was one of the reasons for buying Kirklands all those years ago (the beautiful house had something to do with it as well.)

Peter started planting seeds at age 7 and never looked back. At 16 he worked for a landscape gardener at weekends and holidays.  Gardening was always the perfect antidote for a hectic business life.  After 10 years writing and delivering management training courses for major companies around the world Peter had had enough of airports and commuting and decided to take a gap year and work in the garden.  5 years on, with Kirklands operating as a B&B and getting to spend much more than just weekends in the garden, it's time to share the passion for gardening with others.

We love picking something from the vegetable garden and eating it 30 minutes later. Take a look through the garden section of the web site and see what we have created.  Add 40 years of gardening experience to 10 years of delivering management training courses; add a thirst for knowledge devouring every available gardening book going  and an absolute passion for gardening; put all that in a little corner of paradise with Gill’s home baking and delicious lunches and we feel we have a winning mixture.