Gardening Courses

Plants for Free

Plant propagation has to be one of gardening’s great joys. Garden centre prices keep going up. We give you the knowledge to multiply your garden riches for pennies not £s by sowing seeds, taking cuttings and dividing.

Course cost £95

By the end of the day you will be confident of tackling propagation of most things in the garden and you’ll take away a good selection of things you’ve experimented with during the day.

The outline for the day is along the following lines though the exact contents will be tailored to the needs of the individuals in the group.

  • Multiplication, division and garden mathematics
  • Equipment and labelling
  • Seeds. Vegetables, annuals, perennials, trees.
  • Division
  • Cuttings.
  • The right environment
  • Plant hunters
  • Something special,
  • Next steps

If you would like a course tailored exactly to your experience and needs see the Special Days section.