Kirklands Garden Map

Bed & Breakfast

As the garden has developed over the last 30 years we recognise the things that are really happy here in the Scottish weather and you will find seedlings, divisions cuttings from around the garden rather than softies that have been bred in Dutch polytunnels with central heating!

We use the polytunnel and greenhouse more to protect us as we get older on wet cold days when we really want to do some gardening rather than to pamper the plants!  You will find potted-on self seeded hellebores and perennial digitalis, divisions from our wonderful meconopsis and cuttings from the osteospernums that survive the Saline winters and much, much more. 

We are better at plant propagation than updating the website so please come and look rather than trust the plant list.  We are always happy to show you the parent plant and give advice on any aspect of gardening.  In fact the only pastime that rivals working in the garden is talking about the garden!